Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Couple of China Cabinets

With the 2015 Montreal Show just five weeks away, I have been working hard and have just completed two more pieces, both for the dining room…

The first is a lovely Bespaq china cabinet in a mahogany finish which I filled with a set of my hand-painted Chrysnbon "porcelain" and a matching "porcelain" beverage set:

Cabinet accessorized with "Spring Posy" patterned dinnerware

The shelves on either side are perfect for displaying "porcelain" goblets

A mirror back helps showcase the hand-painted dinner set

A "baize" lined drawer for storing the cutlery

There is plenty of room in the bottom cupboard for the rest of the set
The second cabinet is a truly beautiful Bespaq cabinet, factory-painted in the Chinoiserie style.

Limited Edition cabinet with "Autumn Posy" pattern dinnerware 

Candlesticks and candy dishes add to the display

Cutlery carefully stored

Here is where you will find the cake stand and other serving pieces

I hope that you have enjoyed this sneak preview. It has been a nice to take a little time out from the studio to share these pics with you all. Thanks again for your comments; I really do appreciate them! Well, I must get back at it…

 Next Time: Another Bling Fling?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Miniatures for Montreal

It was minus 25 degrees Celsius this morning, with a wind-chill that made it feel like minus 34. Needless to say, I am staying indoors! It has been chilly for a while now, so I have been "hibernating" in my studio, creating miniatures :-) Here are some of the items that I will be on my table at the Montreal Show next month…

Hand-painted Jewelry Console

Oodles of Jewels

I am on a bit of a boutique binge at the moment, so along with jewelry displays, I have accessorized a couple of Bespaq chaise tables as perfumery display tables…

Perfumery Tables

2-tier Table

3-tier Table

and I turned a Bespaq sideboard into a display for a high-class shoe shop…

Shoes, Handbags & Gloves, Oh My!

The Latest Footwear Fashion

I hope that you have enjoyed this "sneak preview". Thanks for following and for all of your comments. I will post again when I have more pics to share ;-)

It is hard to believe that there are only six weeks until the show, so it is back to the studio for me! 

Friday, February 06, 2015

Let's Look at the Living Room & Library

Winter is the perfect time for sitting in front of the fire, sipping tea and reading a good book. In the James Bay House, the occupants take their tea in their Edwardian-style living room…

Bespaq furniture and a range of accessories create an elegant but comfortable space

Electric lights are all the rage, but an oil lamp is ready "just in case"

Tea is served: will you join us?

After dinner, on a snowy, February evening, reading a "whodunnit" beside the fire with glass in hand is the perfect way to end the day, and there is no better place than the library which recalls the Victorian period with its dark, rich tones…

Late-Victorian cosiness

A room for reading, relaxing and catching up with correspondence

Scotch & soda in front of the fire will keep the Winter's chill at bay

Thank you for joining me and, thank you very much for all of your kind comments on my previous posts: they are much appreciated. 

Next Time: I am getting ready for the Montreal Show (please, see my Show Schedule page for details) and, since it will be one of the last shows where I will be exhibiting, I will be busy making some very special pieces but, when I have a few minutes to spare, I will continue our tour of the James Bay House and perhaps, give you a sneak preview of what I have made ;-)