Friday, August 15, 2014

Taking a Break

I am taking a mini vacation from the studio…

Enjoy what remains of the Summer :-)

Friday, August 08, 2014

And So, to Bed…

Only one room remains on our "Grand Tour" of Seneca Cottage and, here it is…

Cramped but cosy sleeping quarters

It is a very, very small room. There wasn't much that I could realistically put in it, other than just a bed. To have a room that didn't look like the maid's quarters in a period drama, I shoved in what I thought were the bare essentials and hoped it wouldn't look too ridiculous :-} It doesn't look too bad, though in real life, getting a pair of socks from the chest of drawers would involve moving the bed and a midnight trip to the loo would involve clambering over a sleeping spouse! 

I had a heck of a time finding a bed, any bed, that would fit against the low ceiling but, as you see, I did find one :-) It isn't the best quality (none of the furniture in the room is) but, it looks "cottagey" and, most importantly it fits! I re-upholstered the chairs with the same material that I used to make the "duvet cover" and "pillow shams". The "bed-frill" is made from cotton eyelet (broderie anglaise) and the "roller blind" is the same material, stiffened and wrapped around a dowel.

Getting ready for bed

The wallpaper is yet another page from one of the wallpaper sample books in my stash. To make the "border paper", I cut a strip from another page that had a coordinating pattern. The wall-to-wall carpet is a worsted fabric, used for making skirts and suits: it has just the right weight and texture for scale broadloom ;-) The rug was a gift from a very talented lady who was at the Miniatures Gathering (thank you, Teri!) and the lovely flowers on the chest of drawers are by Martha McLean. I think her wonderful anemones are perfect for a cottage :-) 

The little table beside the bed holds a porcelain clock, a box of tissues and, to while away a rainy afternoon, a pile of magazines. On the chest of drawers, along with Martha's flowers, there is a "silver" dressing table set, a "silver" trinket box (made of beads) and a poor-man's Tiffany-style lamp. The lamp is one of the cheapest lights available, but when lit, it throws the lovely colours on the walls :-) 

On one of the chairs, you will see a "vintage" train case that the lady of house came across at a flea market (the prototype for a workshop that I taught at the Gathering a couple years ago). Beside the chair is proof of another shopping trip: there is a shopping bag with undies peeking out of the tissue and a new nightie spread across the bed :-)

Bird's eye view

It has been fun to show you the cottage. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Thanks for stopping by :-)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lounging in the Living Room

Welcome again to Seneca Cottage, and a special welcome to all of you who have chosen to follow me and written such kind comments.

Last visit, we were in the studio, this time, we can have a chat in the living room. As you can see, this is where the owners relax and entertain themselves.

All cosy on a Summer's evening

It is a large, airy room where there are books to read, chips to munch and games to play on the ancient computer and equally venerable laptop. I made the MacIntosh G3 out of polymer clay, copying my own, a few years ago. How many years ago? Well, if you look carefully at the pic, you will see floppy disks on top of the desk! The G3 MacBook was a makeover of a really cheap ($2.00) resin laptop that I bought at a show. I took a screen-shot of my desktop and then reduced it to fit both screens.

Antique Desk & Vintage Computer 

The kitten likes the comfy Bespaq sofa, although I think that he may have fleas. He is always scratching! 

Good books, comfy chair and snacks

Since it is Summer, the fireplace is sporting a fire-screen, which I made yesterday from a laser-cut kit which I purchased from one of my favourite suppliers of mini-goodies: Dragonfly International. It was such a nice change to spend a little time making a mini for myself, after having spent nearly 3 months designing and teaching workshops :-)

Dollhouse Fire-screen

I am very pleased with how the fire-screen turned out, this time…In a moment of inattention, I lopped off a chimney when cutting out the graphic, the first time I made the kit :-( Even though I tried, I couldn't camouflage the damage I had done, so I said a few rude words and ordered another kit. This time, I paid close attention to what I was doing! I just love the graphic of the row of vintage dollhouses and I think it fits in with the country-cottagey-antiquey feel of the place.

The original plan for the house partitioned off the stairs, which made the upper room really small and pokey. I could have gone the easy route of building a half-wall to surround the stairs, but no, I wanted railings. I had a heck of a time with them :-} I am not good with wood, I am not good with angles, but I am persistent, so eventually (after a lot of mumbling under my breath), I had my railings…

Wretched Railings

This is how the living room looks with the new fire screen. …

I moved the club chair to show the screen better. I will forget to put it back, if I don't do it now, so I think I will close and run downstairs to replace it :-)

Next Time: A peek in the bedroom.